AstianOS has always been one of our flagship products, which although it was stopped was always inside the oven, preparing all the ingredients, accessories, flavors and more.

Today AstianOS returns to the repositories with the main packages for its construction, we evoke the simplicity in this construction and in the key components of the system, to make the system as accessible and easy to manipulate by any user.

The components of the system are:

Astian Apps: Astian applications, Terminal, File Manager, Dock, and a Wallpapers manager. They are basic but with the passing of development they will grow, always under the premise and concept of simplicity.

ADS: Astian Desktop: The main components for the desktop including aumikit, library for all UI management.

Astian Build: AstianOS is based on ArchLinux but we have used the most essential and elementary components to make the system as practical, minimalist and simple as possible.

You can explore the code repository by clicking here. Remember that the components that allow the execution of Androids, Windows Apps or Games applications are not yet found in the repository.