Midori Lite for Android devices does not stop growing, we are on more and more devices, we have more and better features to improve user privacy, more and better stability, today we announce the integration of a new blocker, a mining blocker for cryptocurrencies


But what is the Anti-Bitcoin Mining tool?

En palabras no técnicas, es un metodo que utilizan ciertos sitios para realizar el minado de criptomonedas a través de los navegadores de los usuarios.

What causes mining in my browser and device?

Cryptocurrency mining is a complex process that requires large resources, excessive energy consumption, therefore it causes.
  • Considerable increase in processor usage.
  • High energy consumption.
  • Inconsiderate battery wear.
  • Slow browsing in the browser
  • slow device
  • Allows the execution of malicious code.

That is why at Astian we take seriously the fact of the privacy and security of our users, for them we have shielded and integrated a light but very powerful and powerful mining pool blocker for cryptocurrencies, which is activated by default.

Allowing a faster navigation, allowing a better efficiency in the use of the battery, protecting the device from malicious codes

We thank the people and all our users for the trust they place in us from Astian, we extend our commitment that we will work to give and offer them the best, so I invite you to share, spread, and talk about Midori Lite Browser.