Astian Planet

Undoubtedly, the world has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last two decades, we have an industrial, technological revolution, in the transport sector, more advanced rockets and more than a thousand devices that come onto the market every day, but all this has a cost for the human beings and the planet is the one that bears this cost and will subsequently bill us.

For this reason, in Astian we have decided to increase our contribution to the environment thanks to the Stripe Climate program. We used to contribute 1% of our income, starting today we are going to make a contribution of 1.5%, to reduce not only our carbon footprint but also to contribute positively. to the environment. In addition to this increase in Stripe Climate, we are working on our own search engine, which will be hosted along with other services on, a search engine that will respect user privacy and, most interestingly, is completely free and open source software. In turn, we will donate 50% of the income to organizations and programs such as Ecosia, Stripe Climate, among others.

More than a marketing or recognition campaign, it is our contribution to saving the only planet on which life has been generated, so far, so we wait for you to use our products and services.