Midori Mail is a new resource from the Midori family, created with the aim of being an email client, with the ease of being integrated. The Midori family is growing, expanding, and creating tools every day under the same hypothesis of being Light, Fast and safe.

Midori Mail was born under the premise of being an email client committed to the privacy and security of users and people in their communications, but what features does Midori Mail bring in this first version?


Features Midori Mail

  • Like all Midori applications, it has many customization options.
  • POP and IMAP support.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • It allows to extend its functions to companies, other suppliers and developers.
  • Request and send read confirmation.
  • For the visual aspect it is available in dark and light.
  • Allows you to share files, images, texts, audios, current location.
  • An advanced text editor for writing emails and messages.
  • Email management: Delete, mark as read/unread.
  • Gesture customization.
  • Search messages, including universal search.
  • Selection of messages.
  • Among many other features.
Screen Welcome

We invite you to download Midori Mail from the Google Play Store and soon for iOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS.