Just over 18 months ago, version 1.1.4 of Midori Browser was released, bringing with it a renewal for the browser that after years was inactive, using Electron and Typescript web technology.
Today, after a year and a half, we launched version 1.1.5 in beta mode with many substance improvements, which renew the user experience when browsing the web and increase their security.

Version 1.1.5 brings improvements such as:

  • 80% support for all extensions in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Bookmark improvements and management.
  • History improvements.
  • Improvements to configuration options.
  • Improved dark mode and light mode.
  • Code optimization makes the browser run faster and requires fewer resources.
  • Simplified menu.
  • Google Chrome-like algorithm for autocomplete.
  • and many more improvements in the security section.
  • A more frequent cycle of updates.
  • Updater.

This version 1.1.5 is the beta version which is available, only and exclusively for GNU/Linux at the moment. As the days go by, the versions will be published, with the respective updates for all operating systems.