Midori Browser for desktop devices continues to advance and improve its stability, today we released the second beta of version 10. Our test users are Linux users, but what is improved in this version?


  • Changes in version numbering.
  • Rewrite download dialog.
  • Rewriting of markers and dialogues.
  • Rewriting of the news (They are not customizable)
  • Visual improvement of some elements.
  • Updater.
  • Improvements in the permissions system and more security are already functional.
  • An icon has been added when you have network and connection problems.
  • Added clean up of favicons.
  • Search Cleaner has been added.
  • Website permission cleaner added.
  • Minor Changes
For us it is a pride to work for our users, Linux users have this first to be the first to try the new Midori Browser beta, we invite you to download Midori Browser for Linux using the .AppImage extension and the download source is Astian Cloud. You can download Midori Browser by clicking here.