Astian Cloud is a storage system that has been in operation for just over two years, it has become a benchmark for alternative cloud storage, which respects user privacy thanks to our privacy policies and strong end-to-end encryption. and in turn encrypted the files.

After months of development we allow ourselves to report the return of Astian Cloud under our own development.

What’s new in Astian Cloud?

  • Total redesign of the graphical interface and a new user experience.
  • We now use VueJS to make the graphical interface and user experience smoother.
  • We keep the core development in Laravel.
  • Real-time interactions.
  • Two-step authentication.
  • The display mode of multimedia files has been improved.
  • Clearer and simpler API to implement and execute.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the API.
  • Improved notification center.
  • Support for multiple external hosting systems Amazon Web Services S3, Spaces from Digital Ocean, Backblaze, Wasabi, Alibaba Cloud OSS, among others.
  • Improved dark mode and is now more accessible.
  • A more powerful search engine that reaches the ends of the earth.
  • File upload improvements.
  • Improvements in the complete upload of directories.
  • and much more.

But without a doubt, the most important novelty is decentralized storage.

How does decentralized storage work?

This storage has been implemented thanks to an integration with Storj which allows all files to be stored using Blockchain which provides strong anonymity but at the same time increases privacy in all the splendor of the word.

Soon expect a further expansion of the features and properties but in the meantime we share with you a bit of the graphical interface.

To be aware of everything that happens with Astian Cloud we will leave you a form to fill in with your data and thus be able to send you information about it.