MIdori Browser now on OpenCollective

Before starting this communication we want to inform our users and let them know

What is OpenCollective?

According to the portal itself, they describe themselves as:

“An online financing platform for open and transparent communities. Which provides the necessary tools to collect and share the finances collected with full transparency.”

In other words, it is the perfect site for communities (open source projects, artists, collaboration groups, etc.) that raise and disburse money in a transparent way.

How does it work?

“Open Collective” It usually differs from other similar platforms, since it offers complete financial transparency, that is, you can see where the money comes from and where it goes. In addition, it is designed for communities that continuously develop products, and not for individual creators or specific campaigns.

Finally, the site is self-financing with just a small percentage of the funds raised through the platform, which ranges between 5% and 10%, depending on its fiscal host. And in it, anyone can contribute from anywhere with a simple international credit card, or with donations denominated in the currency of the Fiscal Host. Its developers also detail that payments work in all places where its payment providers, Stripe and PayPal, provide services.

Taking into account what was said above, Midori Browser makes its arrival on this platform with the purpose not only of having a transparent management of the finances and money of the project, but also of promoting the growth of the community, carrying out campaigns, informative , promotional, inclusion & more.

We invite users and all people to participate in our community and support us in order to develop excellent products with associated services, you can follow us and join by clicking here.