We are celebrating!!! and it is not for less today we will show the novelties and the great changes with which Astian Cloud comes and the future improvements.

For users, people and readers who wonder what is Astian Cloud? In very short words, Astian Cloud is a cloud storage service that respects the privacy of users and handles strong security in the processing and storage of information.

Considering the above, Astian Cloud has undergone a transformation since its launch. It went from being based on Nextcloud to its own development, and today in version 3.0 we bring many new features and great improvements.

A Powerful Search Engine

From the Astian Cloud search engine you can find even what you have not lost, it is powerful, and allows you to execute tasks, upload files remotely, find files shared with other users, friends, family and/or co-workers and much more.

Versatile Notification Center

notification center

Notifications and interactions with the system are now more intuitive.

Collaboration taken to another level

colaborate with you friends, family and team work

With team directories users can now invite their friends, family or co-workers into their directories, set permissions and start sharing without any hassle.

Two step verification

Security first, therefore, in addition to end-to-end encryption, we have implemented two-step verification, this and many improvements can be found in Astian Cloud v3.0.

Decentralized storage with Storj

One of the most important novelties is the possibility of choosing where the data will be stored and that is that we will be deploying an instance to store the data of our users and in turn contribute to the growth of Storj.

What happens to my data in this relaunch?

We are aware that a few months ago we suffered an unfortunate incident with our Astian Cloud service in which the data of thousands of users were affected. We can inform all those users that their data is secure and that it will be available in this version.

Very soon Astian Cloud will be available to everyone again and we will be giving away 25GB of storage to everyone who signs up.