The renewal of Astian Cloud, our cloud storage service, is getting closer and like every renewal we bring impressive and amazing things.

The speed, the fluidity, a new interface and user experience is just the beginning because much more is cooking.

Among the new features that we bring, we present the modules that will revolve around Astian Cloud:

  • Backup system for BlissOS, BlissROMs and Waydroid within the storage quota of free users for users with subscription the weight of the copies will not be applied.
  • For users who use any of these three operating systems, we will offer under a promise 100GB of free storage and subscriptions at a preferential price.
  • For the public other than the previously mentioned operating systems, we will offer 25 Gigs of free storage.
  • Password manager.
  • Contact manager.
  • Photo manager.
  • And anothers apps
  • Editing of spreadsheets, presentations and text files.
  • Chat, calls and video calls under the XMPP protocol.
  • Integration for data migration from other storage services, Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Support for decentralized storage through Blockchain.
  • Among other features and integrations.
  • A simple and minimalist API but very powerful and secure for the integration of third-party applications.

A total renovation is approaching and we work to give you the best.

Astian your house, our house.