Astian has always been a banner of privacy, its respect for user data and information allowed our products and services to position themselves in a market dominated by large conglomerates, but there are always alternatives Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Midori Browser, Astian Cloud, Google Drive, among others.

A few hours ago, we announced the centralization of login information and other data from our users, and although our privacy policies, Terms and conditions policies will be reinforced Astian will begin to perform a basic information capture for statistics, error capture, security, validation, and verification purposes.

But you might ask, what data will be captured, how long? Can I ask for a summary of my stored information? What will be done and how will the information be processed and stored?

What do we mean by basic information?

We use the term basic information to refer to personal information which allows a direct identification of users, (names, surnames, email address, physical address or billing) or information that combined could be used to identify you, such as: IP address, inaccurate location, account identification number, always making it clear that we will inform you of the personal information we collect about you, Each product and service has a privacy notice for more detailed information.

Any information that does not fit into the basic information release must be taken and/or considered “non-personal information”

If we store your personal information with non-personal information, this combination will be considered “personal information”. If we exclude all basic data from a dataset, the relevant data should be considered non-personal information.

How do we get information about you?

Get information about you when:

  • They are directly provided by you for example: When registering for any of our products and services, when you choose to send fault reports.
  • We collect information about you automatically through our products and services (for example when we verify the installed version of our products).
  • We receive information from you through third parties (e.g., Matomo a traffic analyzer among others)
  • When we try to understand more about you, based on the information you provided to us, (For example when we use your IP address to customize the language for some of our services).

What do we do when data and information are in our possession?

When you provide basic information and/or personal information, it is used for purposes permitted by you. We generally use such information to provide and improve products and services intended for you.

In what situations do we share your information with third parties?

  • When we have your permission for doing that.
  • To process or provide products and services to you, however, only if the entities receiving your information are contractually bound to treat as provided by Astian.
  • When we are in the fulfillment of our mission to develop free software and technologies. We may disclose information to improve our products and promote the use of free and open-source software, but when we do, we exclude your personal information and try to disclose it in order to minimize the risk of user identification.
  • When required by law. We follow the law whenever we receive requests about you from a government or related to any legal action. We will notify you when your personal information is requested in this manner unless we are legally prohibited from doing so. When we receive requests like this, we only release the user’s personal information when we believe in good faith that we are required by law to do so. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit any legal defense or objection you may have with the request of third parties for the disclosure of your information.
  • When we believe it is necessary to prevent harm to you or someone else. Your information is only disclosed in this way when we believe in good faith that it is necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of the user concerned, our other users, Astian or the public.

How do we store and protect you personal information?

We are committed to protecting your personal information in our possession. We implement technical, physical, and commercial security measures. Despite our efforts, if we know of a security breach, we will notify you so that the proper protective measures can be implemented.

Nor is it our will to keep your personal information for longer than necessary; therefore, such information is stored only for the time necessary to serve its purpose. Once we no longer need them, we destroy them, except when we are bound by law.

What if these policies are altered?

This policy and our notices may be altered. Updates will be posted on the website. If the changes are significant, we will notify updates through Astian’s regular channels for such information as blogs and forums. Your continued use of the product or service after the effective date of the changes confirms your acceptance of such changes. To facilitate verification, we will publish the effective date at the top of the page.

What is the date of implementation for these measures?

This collection of information will be progressive, within the next 120 days such adjustments and updates will be implemented to be fully operational on March 19th, 2023.

Team Astian