The Midori Browser team has always listened to the suggestions and words of its users and the public and for a long time people have requested a different position in the development of the project on the use of another engine.

Today we released an alpha of Midori Browser using Gecko. Among the features of this alpha version are:

  • – Basic integration with our search engine.
  • Support for extensions (at the moment it only includes adblock.
  • New design in the tab management.
  • New design in bookmark management.
  • Fixed download system.
  • New design in history management.
  • Basic privacy options
Midori Browser homepage using gecko
Homepage Midori Browser
Midori Browser wikipedia using gecko
Midori Browser Wikipedia
Midori Browser new menu options using gecko
Midori Browser menu options
Midori Browser new tabs using gecko
MIdori Browser new tabs

As we have communicated, this is an alpha version and for us the feedback from our users and any person is very important, therefore we invite you to our community press here and thus together build an excellent browser, without trackers, without advertising, remember IN ASTIAN YOU ARE NOT THE PRODUCT!!!

All comments can be published here and thus have feedback from the entire community