AstianGO is a completely open source search engine that respects the privacy of users, today it receives a big update to improve the experience of our users when searching and browsing the web.


  • Now AstianGO allows you to configure the results according to the language from the setting section.
  • Now AstianGO allows you to configure the language of the search engine.
  • The integration with the Bang has been improved, example: !yt linux.
  • Support for POST and GET methods.
  • Support for special search strings, example: 2.4 btc to usd.
  • Multiple color customization options.
  • Tracking snippets are removed from URLs.
  • Developer-friendly JSON API.
  • Tor hidden service results.
  • Torrent results from popular sites.
  • Improvements in the visualization of images from the search engine.
  • Fixed minors.

We will continue working to make AstianGO an excellent alternative that protects and respects the privacy of users, always maintaining our policy of open source, free, lightweight & secure software.

Astian Team