Midori Browser has been in constant growth, Increasing its user base, increasing its stability and speed, we have also launched services that align and consume within Midori Browser, such as AstianGO our own search engine.

But today we announce an important milestone, our partnership with Microsoft to implement Bing as the primary search engine in Midori Browser.

Midori Browser users will have the ability to use Bing and the entire search suite including the powerful AI, Bing Chat. In Astian as in our products and services we are transparent, users will have the possibility to use another search engine, without harming the experience in browsing the web. WE WILL NOT SHARE INFORMATION WITH MICROSOFT. Your searches using AstianGO or Midori Browser will not be shared with any other company, if you use Midori Browser in Astian we do not store your information however if you use Bing or Google, DuckDuckGO being external products we do not control the policies and processes of other companies. ASTIAN WILL NOT SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO MICROSOFT. This alliance does not imply selling user information, this is solely and exclusively to establish Bing as a search engine, establish bookmarks in Midori Browser and implement a news system. Midori Browser and AstianGO will not sell user information. IN MIDORI BROWSER WE WILL NOT SELL INVASIVE ADVERTISING, This alliance does not involve the sale of invasive advertising, in Astian we will not see your tastes and preferences and you will always have our powerful advertising blocker.

We know that there are demanding users so if the above is not enough you can always change the default search engine, in our list of search engines are:

  • AstianGO
  • Google
  • DuckDuckGO
  • Qwant
  • Baidu
  • Yahoo
  • SearX
  • Among many others

We always work to offer the best to our users and for them we not only bring an excellent search engine but also a powerful artificial intelligence without violating your privacy.

Before the update we will make adjustments to our terms and conditions this does not imply a significant or abrupt change, only involve mentions about the use of Bing.

Thanks to all our users we will always work to provide the best and remember IN ASTIAN YOU ARE NOT THE PRODUCT.

Astian Team