At Astian we develop free software and technologies that adapt to your needs. Furthermore, we fully respect your privacy.

In Astian you will find total privacyfree softwaresecurity for you, your family or business

Midori Browser

A lightweight, fast and secure web browser that allows you to browse the web faster increasing your productivity and efficiency while browsing.

Astian Cloud

Store your files, photos, documents and more, access them from anywhere and from any device with security and privacy.


An operating system that you can carry on any device, together with all the Astian Suite applications, security and privacy.

Astian Suite

A Suite of applications to make your work more productive, Notes, calendar, synchronization in the cloud and much more.

Companies that trust us and are happy &Motivated With our work in Astian.

More than 750K users in 90 countries use the services developed by Astian.

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What our users say

For Businesses

Astian Cloud

Keep your company data protected and safe with the best cloud on the market, file editing, video calls, chat, and maximum productivity.

AstianOS Enterprise

Your company’s devices using the most stable operating system on the market, with millions of applications, where your privacy and security are important.

Astian Spika

A platform where the communication of your company is centralized and integrated with a cloud storage service, totally private, open source and secure.