Midori for Android; a new version has arrived.

New images for posts and icons.

We receive the new year working, in this case we released an update to Midori Browser for Android, update, a release that brings many interesting improvements both visual and technical performance that we will name them.

  • Integration of ACRA. ACRA is a library that is licensed under Apache 2. that helps to automate the automatic reporting of errors due to breaks in the system.
  • Parse integration. Parse Platform is integrated into Midori Browser from versions back to this version the connection with the self-hosted server is established. Integration that will allow the operation of data synchronization, a function that is still being worked on.
  • Improved Cookie Blocking.
  • Improvement in lash sessions.
  • Improvement in the download system with integration to the native Android file manager.
  • Update on the ad blocker.
  • Improved Android 11 support.
  • A new icon for applications and advertisements, as you can see in the left image, a minimalist icon of a Largato Armadillo with its legs.
  • Among other minor improvements

Midori Browser for Android brings improvements also in the visual.

Main Menu
Second Bar Navigation
Themes Customizatons

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We do not forget the users of other stores such as F-Droid, here Midori Browser is and the update will be available, but due to publication times, the update is normally carried out every Sunday and is done by the F-Droid team at entering the Midori code repository, we recommend users download Aurora Store, a Play Store client that allows downloading applications from the Store without invasive Google tracking.
Made in Latam with love for the world.
Astian Team

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