Startup Difuzia joins Grupo Astian

Difuzia is a startup dedicated to advertising and marketing that, through a marketing technology platform, connects brands with OEMs, browsers, mobile applications, web applications and desktop applications through its solutions: suggestions, notifications and bookmarks, among others.

A few weeks ago we published a news Astian & Affinity this generated a bit of controversy because it is a company external to Astian receiving a considerable amount of emails requesting that this change or be removed, and at Astian we listen to our users. For this reason Difuzia joins Astian. But what will happen to user information? Will they sell my information? Can I continue to trust Astian & Midori? and many other valid questions.

By joining the Astian Group Difuzia begins to abide by the rules, policies, moral and ethical practices and laws of Astian, as we have always communicated, we do not sell and we will never sell user information, just as we do not sell invasive advertising and we will NEVER do it . Our privacy policies as well as the terms and conditions are based on the GDPR (European Union) thanks to our alliance with Seqqe, a company specialized in data protection laws.

Users can be confident that their information is governed, and ensures under strict security measures, and an integral institutional ethics.

A special thanks to all the people and companies that have trusted us and our work.

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