Midori Browser for Android & 10K installations

Today is not only a day where we announce the release of a new update to Midori Browser for Android, but we also take advantage of our first 10,000 installations. It has been a fascinating adventure and we want to share it with all our users.

Continuing with our cycle of monthly updates, we are with the version of Midori Browser that prepares the ground for new and better features, among the changes that users will be able to witness in this new version are:

  • Fix themes (Blue, Red, Green, Blue).
  • Fix problem with clean cache.
  • New settings page.
  • Fix problem with tabmanager and bookmarks.
  • Fix problem with parental control.
  • multi line block sites.
  • Return support RTL.
  • Remove limited for create tabs.
  • News Icons, Icon Adaptative.
  • Improve the system download.
  • News Animations.
  • Improve History.
  • Reorganice menus and suggestions.
  • Beautiful message welcome.
  • It is now possible to change the positions of the navigation bar without restarting the browser.
  • Fixed the problem of closing the application and removing tabs.

Midori Browser for Android is available from Google Play, Huawei’s App Gallery and from our website, users should wait for the progressive release of updates in different locations.

We thank all our users for their demonstrated support and LIVE OUR FIRST 10K installations.

Astian Team.

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