Astian & Collabora, Joined

Today we are celebrating, as the title says, of this note, Astian has signed an association agreement with Collabora and we will tell you what it is about.

What is Collabora?

Collabora is an English company with headquarters in Cambridge and offices in Montreal, an organization well known for its work with free software and open source. One of the most recognized products is LibreOffice Online and that is the protagonist.

Astian Cloud is a secure, private storage alternative, free and open source software, which in turn is self-hosting to improve service performance, Before Acloud was based on Nextcloud platform also that allows file hosting, by taking independence This service ran out of features such as LibreOffice Online and that over time new ones have been implemented and integrated with the development of Astian Cloud. With this new alliance we will be able to offer our users and clients tools to facilitate their work and increase productivity, as well as in our own instance of LibreOffice Online.

This association not only involves Astian Cloud also other social and commercial projects in Colombia and Latin America, which we hope to develop, carry out successfully and publish from now on.

We invite you to join and register in Astian Cloud as well as our community in Telegram to be aware and everything that is happening with Astian projects,

Team Astian

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