Astian & BFORs; Joined by Android Generics Project.

It has been a year that has started with many new changes for our good and use of our products, therefore, we inform the users of this new union where you will have an operating system with Astian products and services. The Astian Group & Bliss Family of Roms come together to bring Android AOSP to multiple devices: desktops, laptops, 2in1s, tablets, smartphones, ARM devices and much more.

BFORs announcement:

Bliss Family of Roms or (BFORs) is an organization based in the United States, responsible for the development of the following products: BlissRom, BlissOS, Android Generics Project among other projects, thus becoming a great alternative to install Android AOSP. All the projects led by BFORs have multiple flavors for all types of users, with great characteristics.

Today we announce great news for our users the alliance and union of both organizations to provide users with an operating system and services that respect their privacy, offering total freedom as well as control of information by users, both domestic and corporate.

On the other hand, Astian will develop and offer applications, services as well as infrastructure for the development and deployment of projects related to Android Generics Project.
Some of the applications to be developed and integrated into the Ecosystem will be:
  • Calendar.
  • Mail.
  • Notes.
  • Task.
  • PDF.
  • Weather.
  • Dialer.
  • Contact.
  • File Manager.
  • Music.
  • Videos
  • Office applications (in collaboration with Collabora).
  • Sync Files
  • Among other applications.

All applications and services are and will always be free and open source software, allowing users the possibility of auditing, modifying, redistributing, learning and sharing the applications, as well as the commitment of both organizations in the transparency of the applications and services. respecting the privacy of users by not profiling, not selling invasive advertising, not capturing sensitive information and other points that will be determined in the terms & conditions.

The data and information stored by the services will be hosted under the privacy policies of the European Union (GDPR), thus allowing us to reinforce all privacy measures as well as being obliged to carry out the due processes to safeguard and protect all information.

The Android Generic Project as well as the development of applications and services by Astian will be hosted at, consolidating and centralizing all development, operating system, services, products, and applications.

Astian Team

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