Astian, Inc a leap towards new horizons

It was a little more than 5 years ago when the Astian Foundation and the Astian SAS Corporation began their activities with the firm intention of developing free software and technologies. In the course of this time, products and services such as Astian Cloud, Astian Spika have been developed. Midori Browser, among others.

Our mission has not only been to develop products and services but also to support movements, events, communities and developments of free software and open source.
But today is to announce Astian, Inc the new organization of the Astian Group.

Astian, Inc is a Corporation created in the state of Delaware (United States) in order to position and promote Astian products and services towards new horizons, largely influenced by the exponential growth of our services and in turn by multiple alliances and agreements, such as Bliss, Collabora, among many others.

Astian, Inc will be responsible for the commercialization of all products and services developed by the Astian Group, based on US laws, which provides users with greater legal protection, greater protection of their data and information and greater social responsibility. and corporate towards our users and clients.

In the coming weeks many changes will come in order to provide better products and services, changes in privacy policies as well as in the terms and conditions to provide you with transparency and protection of your data, changes in our services, changes in the technical part, programming languages inclusion of a BaaS among many other changes that we will be notifying our users.

For all our users, corporate clients, we know that great power and growth comes with great responsibility, therefore our data centers will continue to be in the European Union, our policies will continue to be governed by the GDPR, we will never sell user information, we will never sell invasive advertising or we will profile users and / or corporate clients. The Astian Group is and always will be committed to user privacy.

Astian Team

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