An update from Astian Cloud is coming; Meridiam 2.2.5

We have accelerated the development of our products and services, since the launch of the last update where we officially launched the Astian Cloud API, notifications, mobile applications for Android, iOS and more than 250 other changes we have seen a significant increase and growing number of users , new developers, software developers companies using the API.

Thanks to the Astian Community, we have had excellent exceptional feedback that allows us to improve our processes, the Astian Cloud code is available in our code repository.

Change list

  • Improvement in the notification system for mobile applications.
  • Improvements in the generation of security token and access to the API.
  • Issues result in the Astian Cloud installer.
  • Deployment automation in production environments on Linux systems (OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat), would be the first distributions to support.
  • Update and extension of support to external storage for Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service.
  • ElasticSearch support is included.
  • Among other better features and fixes.

These news will be available from today in our Astian Cloud service, maintenance and update tasks begin today under the time of Bogotá D.C – Colombia at 19:00 GMT-5, where there may be some intermittencies in the service.

Astian Team

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