Astian Cloud, more stability; Meridiam 2.2.6

About a week ago we released a version of Astian Cloud where we provide special features for business users as well as API enhancements.

In our commitment to continuous improvement of our services, we launched a new update that provides users with more ease and management in their files.

Enhancements for business customers

  • Full support for predefined URLs is added in S3.

General Improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where page refresh was sometimes necessary for deeply nested folders to appear after loading.
  • Fixed an issue where deeply nested folders weren’t automatically shared with home folder users after upload.
  • The access token on the account settings page will no longer be changed when clicking the “copy” button.
  • Add the “localizations.view” permission to the guest role by default.
  • Fixed some issues in macos with loading nested folders while chunked loading is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where folders could appear in the currently open folder and not the one they were originally uploaded to until the page is refreshed.
  • Made some previously missing validation lines translatable.
  • The cryptographic system is updated and strengthened using RSA.

This update begins to run on Astian Cloud from 19:00 GMT-5, another of the novelties for this version will begin to upload support material in Astian Community, for those users who wish to install Astian Cloud on their devices and others help materials.

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