Midori Browser Lite for mobile is back; Come On Yarovi We Can 1.1.7

Midori Browser in Lite version is back in the Play Store and more.

About two months ago Midori was removed to the Google Play Store as according to Google we did not meet the privacy criteria, but continued development for Huawei and F-Droid.

Today Midori Browser Lite is back, much faster, more secure and respecting even more privacy.

In this version 1.1.7 users can find improvements such as:

  • Improved StartPage search engine, will soon be the default search engine replacing DuckDuckGO.
  • The permission to save the information in the external memory has been added.
  • SSL bug fix.
  • Cleaner code.
  • Bug fixes in cookie handling.
  • Fix in the intro of Midori Browser Lite.
  • The ability to export and import all settings has been added.
  • Redesign in the tabs in desktop mode.
  • Changes in search bars.
  • We have added a secondary bar for greater and better ease.
New bottom bar
Tabs in desktop mode

Astian Team

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