Midori Next “Come on Yarovi We can”

Midori Browser is a fast and secure lightweight browser with more than 10 years in the world of free software and open source, has undergone a series of transformations in the passage of time always to improve and offer the best to users, privacy, security, anonymity and much more.

For Midori, the year 2019 was a year of many changes, the team grew, the project was reactivated, more Linux distributions were reached, the community grew, Flatpak was supported, the social media browser was promoted allowing to have a greater impact on all lovers of free and open source software, many more conferences were attended, in Germany, Colombia, Argentina, Prague and a proposal called Midori Next was also initiated.

Midori Next is a proposal to evolve the browser, and take it to new horizons to have more users since more and more people are worrying about their privacy. Midori Next is developed with Qt technology using QtWebEngine and QML components, with this proposal we unify the one developed for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Always We will always keep our goals and horizons for it, we will always be light, fast, open source and most importantly we will respect the privacy of the users since we do not track, and we do not sell invasive advertising as well as we do not sell the information of the users .

There are the first two versions of Midori Next:

  • Come on Yarovi we can
  • World Green

Midori Next will feature features such as:

  • Light Plugins.
  • Themes or modes.
  • Config Search Engine.
  • Support to WebApps.
  • Private Browsing.
  • Manage Cookies.
  • History
  • Bookmark
  • Integrate with Collabora.
  • Sync (History, Bookmark, Password,)
  • Integration with MVN (Midori Virtual Network) using WireGuard.
  • GDPR privacy policies.
  • Customizable side panels.
  • And many more features.

First screenshots and tests

Youtube Player
Performance Youtube, Facebook, Twitter
Performance with Youtube player
Midori Next vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox, Thanks to Paul

We thank all the members of the Midori group in Spanish and English as well as the communities Comunidad Latinoamericana de TL, Libera tu Radio, Paul, Walddys Dorrejo, Javier Obregon, Diego Cordoba, Jerson Alexander, Riky, Dongee and an endless number of people who have helped to provide feedback on the project and everything related to Midori Browser.

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