Midori 1.1.3 Come on Yarovi We Can

It has been a long time since the last update of Midori, this as a result of the renovation that we have been doing to give users an excellent browser. Today came that day, in which we released the 1.1.3 Come on Yarovi We Can update of the renovated Midori Browser for desktop, with countless features.

Midori Browser is once again multiplatform which will allow us to reach users of the most prevalent operating systems (Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows).

The Midori code will be available in its code repository in Gitlab for users to audit, contribute and report incidents to continue improving since both the mission and the objective is to provide the best to all our users.

  • Renewed interface: Simple, more intuitive, more focused on navigation.
  • AdBlocker: An aggressive ad blocker that also blocks trackers.
  • Light, Fast & Safe: The Midori browser in all its versions is light, fast and safe.
  • Search Engines: The default search engine is DuckDuckGO but users can switch to the search engine of their choice.
  • Tabs aggregation.
  • Partial extension support: Extension support is still partial, it is under development and although Google Chrome extensions are used, there are no Google services linked to the browser. Midori was, is and will always be independent from Google.
  • Shortcuts: For users of all operating systems they have very useful shortcuts for agile navigation.
  • High customization.

But the news does not end here, it also includes with this release we unify the development of all versions, this means that the numbering that Midori for Android and Midori for desktop devices will have the same number and the same update cycle that will be 4 to 6 weeks.

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