We have closed user registration in Astian Cloud

It has been a huge job we have done with our Astian Cloud service. A storage alternative that respects the privacy of users and the security of their information, which allows file sharing, editing, storage with end-to-end encryption, editing files with Collabora & LibreOffice, video conferencing among other features.

Since October 2, we have closed the registration for new users, but why? What happened? We are evolving and improving to offer a better service to our users

Astian Cloud 2.2.1
A few days ago the new version of Midori Browser was published. A version expected by all users since the development for all desktop and mobile platforms was unified, it was the end of the first phase in the development of the Astian Ecosystem. With this end, the deployment of a new version of Astian Cloud began where there are significant improvements .. graphical interface & user experience, file upload speed, AES 256 encryption among many other improvements that we invite you to try.

We will be making public access to users in the coming days with a free user registration where we give away in the free 25GB plan and payment plans. Our privacy policies as well as our terms and conditions are based on the GDPR so our users can be confident that the storage and treatment of information is carried out in a responsible way and that their information is not misused since we are covered by European law.

User Interface.

Applications developed in Astian will have the facility to synchronize with each other, without compromising user information, but in Astian Cloud we continue to work on certain modules such as:

  • Secure communication with end-to-end encryption using WebRTC technology.
  • Integration with LibreOffice online for file editing.
  • Information Synchronization with Midori Browser.
  • Integration with K-LamarVPN.
  • Plugin system for third parties.
  • Forms plugin, surveys, password storage
  • And other features that will be integrated into the project.

We thank users of our Telegram community such as A Haro and El Mau for helping to provide feedback on the project and be testers, people who want to join and contribute in code, translations, promotion or testing are welcome in the community.

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