Astian Cloud comes to the App Gallery

Astian Cloud is a file storage service that respects the privacy of users, free and open source software to maintain transparency before all users, but due to its very recent development and publication, it still lacks an official application for devices Android mobiles.

Today Thanks to our close relationship with Huawei Colombia and its entire ecosystem, we have released a small Quick App that allows us to temporarily supply this need for 2K users.

In Astian Cloud users will have 25GB facility for free to store their files, memories, share work files and many other communication and productivity tools, contrary to what the user can read the description of the application in the App Gallery. The application does not sell and will never sell and / or publish advertising.

Astian Cloud at this time does not have integration with Huawei services but in the course of the updates they will be available, just as when the official app is available, there will be an exclusive version for Huawei devices like HarmonyOS and another for everyone the other manufacturers, HMS being the only Mobile Services that we integrate into our applications.

On the other hand, we are already in the tasks of integrating Astian Cloud with our Midori Browser, which will facilitate sharing, web browsing and much more in a light, fast and safe way, as well as synchronizing history, bookmarks, passwords, media payment and much more.

How do they find it? searching in the App Gallery Astian Cloud or by clicking here.

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