The end has come Astian Cloud will close; But wait, there’s more

About a year ago, an adventure began implementing a Nextcloud instance, which was called Astian Cloud, having a great acceptance among users who love privacy, security and free software, but outside this group it also had a great reception in private companies and institutions. government, but the time of the end has come, it started a few weeks ago with We have closed user registration in Astian Cloud and later A new version of Astian Cloud has arrived.

The old instance is located at and as previously stated it is based on Nextcloud. We know that users and organizations require time for this, we will extend the support and maintenance until October 22, 2022, in this time we will be helping users to migrate their information to the new Astian Cloud instance that is hosted in and / or wait for our support team to migrate it little by little. We will also apply security updates and improvement fixes to maintain the best experience for users.

We know that there are some questions that users are asking, such as is Astian Cloud still Free Software? Is the source code available? What will happen to my information? Will my information be deleted? Will the free plan run out? Do you sell my information? Will they sell advertising? Does Astian Cloud encrypt my information? Astian Cloud will be self-hosting and many others.

  • Astian Cloud was born free and will always remain free.
  • The clear source code will be gradually being released in Gitlab is not yet released because there are no desktop clients, mobiles and other essential applications.
  • Nothing will happen to your information, you will have more than 365 days to migrate your information, but we will also be migrating user information, only this process will be a little slower.
  • Your information will not be erased unless you expressly request it using the registered email as sender.
  • The free plan will not end.
  • We do not sell your information, we do not share your information our privacy policies are based on the GDPR, where we treat your information responsibly.
  • We will never sell advertising.
  • Astian Cloud applies double encryption, point-to-point encryption and when the information reaches the server, encryption is applied to the AES256 files.
  • Yes, Astian Cloud will be self-hosting

If you have more questions, we invite you to join the Telegram community so that you have the pleasure of listening to you and answering all your questions, by clicking here.

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