Midori Android 1.1.5 Minor Update

In our commitment to users, we continue, therefore, we have launched an update for Midori Android, Midori Browser, a light, fast and secure browser that promotes user privacy and the security of their data, as well as open source and free software. What are the improvements in this update?

The improvements are related to stability and readiness for features such as history syncing, bookmarks, customization options, and productivity. But there is something new that hurts us, we have discontinued Midori for Android 4.4, we have decided this based on the opinion of the community.

  • Code cleaning.
  • Update of AdBlock.
  • Corrections in the exit of the private mode.
  • Improvements in the theme and the navigation bar.
  • Improvements in working with multi-windows and in the background.
  • Added hidden functions for account creation, login Sync.

In the next updates we will be improving, solving incidents and adding new features. SAHOME is approaching each time with more power and new features.

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