Astian Cloud, is Release

After almost a month of having published the new version of Astian Cloud, it is time to publish the source code, so that users, developers and others can audit, contribute, compare, improve, and distribute the code, Astian Cloud is released under AGPL. As days go by, we will be publishing the respective documentation and explanations of how to make adjustments, installations, tests, integrations, etc.
Although the development is modular, it has been divided into two important parts, the graphical interface, which is hosted in Gitlab, and the core component or the core of the system, where the Laravel framework is used, is hosted in the same code group. and its repository is also on Gitlab.
With this publication we hope to lead the public development and begin the growth of the Astian Cloud Community as well as the start of the development of the respective clients for each of the operating systems and the respective integration with the rest of the Astian Ecosystem applications.

You can visit and register in Astian Cloud by clicking here.
Astian Team

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