Astian & Affinity, a union that strengthens our work

Midori Web Browser is a web browser that is constantly growing, where there are already more than 400K users on all platforms and operating systems, therefore companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon among others, have shown interest in the project and support us, Midori Web Browser as it is subject to the Astian Group, and is always respecting the pillars of values of the project chosen with whom to collaborate and under what terms to do so, always respecting the privacy and data of users. Today we explain to users a bit what Affinity is and how we decided to collaborate with them.

Affinity is a company based in India and the United States that allows setting bookmarks and / or favorites in certain types of applications in conjunction with its affiliate brands.

  1. What are Predefined Favorites in Midori?
    The predefined favorites that you see on Midori are web pages that for each visit give Midori monetary support to support the project. What make it a self-sustaining project that only depends on itself, and the management on our part.
  2. They’re safe?
    Yes, from the Astian Group and following the philosophy of Midori Web Browser, a Safe, Fast, Light Browser that respects the privacy of users, we ensure that user data is kept anonymous at all times. We do not store the IP, we do not save cookies and we do not profile users and by default neither Affinity nor VEVE either.
  3. Who supports Midori Browser?
    VEVE is a brand belonging to Affinity that allows connection with the best brands in different sectors and / or commercial segments.
  4. Who does VEVE work with?
    VEVE provides advertising to large browsers such as Opera, Vivaldi, Samsung Browser, among others. Coincidentally, we can say that we are the only or one of the few open source browsers that works with VEVE.
  5. Who owns VEVE?
    VEVE belongs to the AFFINITY company which is a company that creates user engagement products for digital media.
  1. Can the Home page be changed in Midori Web Browser?
    Yes, it can and the video on the left will show you how. We hope you enjoy it and it will be of great help.

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