Incredible Features of Midori Browser Part 2

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Features Midori Browser 11 Azucar Part 2

The new version of Midori Browser 11 is codenamed sugar and comes packed with new features and features that will sweeten and improve users’ experience when browsing the web.

And we want to tell you what are those features and improvements that Midori Browser 11 brings ready for our users part 2.

Import Information from other browsers

Midori Browser 11 now allows you to import information from other web browsers, such as Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, and even allows you to bring information from the Firefox browser and others.

What information can you bring?

  • History
  • Bookmarks
  • Password

Import Data to Midori

Midori also offers to bring the information from a simple HTML file

Containers & Workspace

Multi-Account Containers is an extension developed by Mozilla that allows you to separate your browsing experience into different color-coded tabs, to help protect your privacy. By using these containers, you can categorize their browsing based on purpose and create tabs for Work, Banking, Shopping and Personal browsing.

Midori takes this technology and applies it to offer the maximum possible privacy in the different activities that the user carries out. Do you need to make a purchase and don’t want tracking? You can activate the Shopping feature, you need to buy a flight and you don’t want the airline to know that you were there and then increase the price? you can use Midori, you want to access your bank account with privacy you can use Midori

Midori Containers


Workspaces are a function that allows you to separate tabs, jobs and activities without having to lose work and later change and resume activities, The workspaces and containers make sailing in Midori a very private and safe experience.

Midori Workspace

Users can add the workspaces they prefer.

WebApps & Sidebar

Midori Integrates a sidebar that is configurable, Midori comes with integrated WebApps by default, which is Google Translate and Astian Cloud, users can integrate other applications such as WhatsApp Web, Telegram Web and many other applications in that bar.


Midori support to webapps & sidebar

Astian Cloud Sidebar

Midori webapps sidebar astian

Sync One for all, all for one

After years of development, one of the functions most anticipated by our users is integrated, with Mozilla technology we now have synchronization, now you can carry your information on all devices.

Midori Browser using Gecko will also be available for Android, iOS and Tablets now you can take your information with you everywhere.

Midori Browser support Sync

The release of Midori Browser is getting closer, together with our beta testers we are fine-tuning details before the release, expect it very soon.

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