Astian Applications Advertising Statement

Why do you see ads?

Advertising revenue is Astian’s vital source of income. Without ads, they could not create and support free applications and services. We strive to provide you with useful and informative ads so you can find the products and services you need more quickly.

What is Astian’s approach to advertising?

Constantly improving the user experience is our main goal, as well as protecting and providing the necessary tools to maintain the privacy and security of our users and their information. That’s why we refuse to work with aggressive or invasive advertising and always strive to show you advertising content that could be useful to you.

How does Astian use your data?

To protect your privacy, we use Google Advertising ID to improve the relevance of the ads shown to you, and later Astian will create its own advertising system so as not to compromise user privacy. The purpose of Google Advertising ID is to help us group people according to their interests. In other words, we use this tool to define target audiences for specific types of ads.

Advertising Services Personalization

Disable personalized ads You can disable personalized ads by searching for “Advertising Services” in Settings and turning on the switch. Astian will not show personalized ads after you disable Personalized Advertising Recommendations.

Which applications will have advertising?

Advertising will initially be on our website,, in areas that do not affect and do not negatively impact the user experience, the Midori Browser will have advertising but it will not be in areas that affect the user experience, it will be in the form of bookmarks or fixed links, among other applications always looking for the best experience for our users.

Can I remove advertising permanently?

Yes, Users who wish to permanently remove advertising can do so by purchasing a monthly or annual subscription.

Changes to these policies

Astian reserves the right to modify these policies according to the guidelines where a time of 30 calendar days is established for the start of execution after publication and / or update.