Our applications have strong end-to-end encryption, we do not store logs, we do not collect information, we do not sell information and we have a strong privacy policy, and our data centres are located in the European Union.


We have built an entire ecosystem of applications to make your information available from any place and device with privacy, security and fast.


Midori includes all the privacy tools, DNS browsing, VPN browsing, private search with AstianGO, and productivity tools, Astian Suite has, file storage, calendars, notes, video calls and much more.


Productivity is one of our main focus points so we offer a suite of applications with end-to-end encryption, Notes, file storage, contacts, email and essential functionalities to get all your work and tasks done.

Advanced features

Privacy and intimacy is important but we have more, do you want more? Download Midori or use Astian Suite and enjoy customisation and more:


Midori and Astian Cloud have perfect workspaces so you can divide up all the work.

Extreme customisation

We want to give you a personalised experience, in our products and services you have total customisation.

Web3 & Rewards

With Midori you have access to websites3 and a powerful reward system for using our apps.

Download Midori and join over 2.6 million users who are making a difference. Lightweight, fast and secure that respects your privacy. Now!

Import bookmarks from other browsers, thousands of extensions, workspaces, manage your passwords, all in one click.

Yes, Midori increases and improves privacy as it activates improvements that help considerably improve privacy, DNS browsing, default HTTPS browsing, anti-mining blocking, tracker blocker and more.
No, Midori does not have any type of experiment nor does she have any distractions or unnecessary accessories, she never has and will not have.
Yes, Astian Cloud has always been and always will be open source because we want transparency of everything and everyone, the license of our projects are AGPL (Affero General Public License)
Yes, Midori VPN is an initiative to provide a VPN service that protects the privacy of users, users will be able to protect all their devices since Midori VPN will not only protect browsing but all device traffic, it will have a free plan and a subscription.
There is simply no comparison Midori Browser although it uses the Gecko/Firefox base there is no comparison since Midori is much lighter and we implemented new tools that increase productivity without compromising performance, also Midori allows better and greater customization, just like It has performance options, which greatly influences the life and extension of the battery, which produces greater autonomy at work.