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Search without tracking

AstianGO does not track you, your searches, or your clicks. We do not collect your information which makes it impossible to sell your information or to profile you.

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Private Searches

Other search engines track and observe everything you search for and do, they profile what you like, they sell your information to advertising companies, in other search engines you are the product, in AstianGO you are not the product, we work for You and you are our priority, your privacy, your security and delivering the best services is our mission.

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Total Privacy

When we say total privacy we are not bragging about AstianGO, you are the owner of your information, you are the owner of what you do, we only show you the results of what you are looking for.

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Amazing Tools

We know that there are advanced users, users who like to go further, that's why AstianGO has advanced tools, file searches on the tor network, Bittorrent searches AstianGO is compatible with Bangs, that and more for you