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Midori Browser is a light, fast and secure browser that protects and loves to take care of your privacy and the security of your data. Enjoy thousands add-ons, ad blocker  and much more.

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Always with you

Midori has fantastic features worthy of a modern browser, such as synchronization that allows you to have all the information on your devices, a fast and fluid modern design, tools and exceptional tab management, added to total privacy, with AstianGO a browser that does not track you that does not know what you are looking for, because you are Astian you are not the product.

Midori in your devices.
Midori & AstianGO Privacy total


Total Privacy

Midori Browser's motto is total privacy, because we don't spy on you, we don't sell invasive advertising, we don't generate profiles of you, because we provide you with tools like a VPN. We give you the best search engine focused on privacy because we don't know anything about you. We say total privacy because you are the owner of your information.


Integrated Tools

We have built Midori with essential tools for productivity, a translator that will be with you whenever you need it, a cloud to store your files, all from one place using the least amount. of resources possible. Regardless of the operating system, Midori will be there for you.

Midori for MacOS
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We're different

Discover what makes Midori different

All web browsers have good things and bad things, strong points and weak points, that is something completely understandable and although it is a saturated market for all there is space and for all there is an opportunity for it, we want to show you what our position is in front of the other browsers

Advances Features

Midori integrate storage cloud

The Midori lightweight browser now integrates cloud storage so you don’t use the space on your device, we give you 15GB of free storage

Midori web browser integrate VPN

Although it is still in the development phase, Midori integrates a powerful VPN to protect your privacy while you browse the web.

Midori Customize

Midori has been created to be as customizable as possible, you can modify Midori in all visual aspects, icons, functions.

Yes, Midori increases and improves privacy as it activates improvements that help considerably improve privacy, DNS browsing, default HTTPS browsing, anti-mining blocking, tracker blocker and more.
No, Midori does not have any type of experiment nor does she have any distractions or unnecessary accessories, she never has and will not have.
Yes, Midori VPN is an initiative to provide a VPN service that protects the privacy of users, users will be able to protect all their devices since Midori VPN will not only protect browsing but all device traffic, it will have a free plan and a subscription.
There is simply no comparison Midori Browser although it uses the Gecko/Firefox base there is no comparison since Midori is much lighter and we implemented new tools that increase productivity without compromising performance, also Midori allows better and greater customization, just like It has performance options, which greatly influences the life and extension of the battery, which produces greater autonomy at work.
Yes, Midori Browser has always been and always will be open source because we want transparency of everything and everyone, the license of our projects are MPL (Mozilla Public License 2.0) GPL (General Public License) AGPL (Affero General Public License)
Since 2019 Astian, Inc took the lead in the development of Midori Browser since then Astian, Inc has been in charge of developing an ecosystem of applications all focused on user privacy, security and protection of users and their information. Among the services and products we have Astian Cloud, the AstianGO private search engine, and the Astian Application Suite.
Midori is available for many desktop computers (Linux, MacOS, Windows) and for millions of mobile devices (Android and very soon for iOS). To enjoy Midori Browser you can start by downloading Midori for desktop for Android and very soon for iOS.
Yes, Midori Browser is safe, currently it is one of the most secure browsers that exists, but it is also one of the browsers that offers the best tools to protect information, privacy and security with user data, as well as that Midori Browser will always establish secure, HTTPS connections with all websites. We have built our lightweight web browser with an open source project called Gecko project used by millions of users and companies around the world, being open source it is reviewed by many people in the world and allows bug fixes in hours, Midori Browser It's safe we've made sure of it. Learn more.

You can be confident that big tech is not part of our browser, download and enjoy Midori.