Midori on Android

Midori on Android is supercharged with smart tools to make you more productive, creative  safe online and extremely light and fast.

Midori has an organized way to manage your tabs

Midori Browser has a ton of features that help you manage your tabs and keep track of what you’ve got open.

Take control of your privacy

In addition to these privacy options, Midori has a powerful ad blocker that is updated daily, and also has a mining site blocker.

Tools created with love for you

Midori Browser has a translator, reading mode, dark mode, desktop view and more, what are you waiting for download Midori Browser for your Android device.

Sleek and speedy, well appointed features in a lite package.

Elva the Lion

Excelente navegador ❤️❤️❤️
Great job from the developers.
Navigate to the maximum on your tablet using Midori
Created to take it with you anywhere