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Support and help for users is extremely important to us and we want to always be there for you and everything you need, so we have enabled a community that is always active for you, many users are available to help you, our team and CEO are always active to help you, join the Midori community by clicking on the button.

We invite you to contribute

Behind Midori there is no bigtech, our priority is not to sell advertising or your data to monetize, we invite you to contribute through a donation that will help our team continue working, help us buy coffee, maintain the servers and much more, with your contribution we will continue working.

We invite you to contribute

It is also possible to donate with cryptocurrencies:

BCH: 16dN4wYDRCfQ8Gizw4DgvPrqYJJhqRz1yc
BTC: 1Af7Dhyhoq4Qh7CgAACRaBLdPyRgZcKjwG
LTC; LUyc621vd9yn4xyJG3k9CifUcLvJfiRbgP
XEC: ecash:qq5h6qycadgke6gy4jkj99x3c5mg43qftcl0l5m4vn