Midori is

Quick & Private

Midori for android provides exceptional privacy with extreme speed in loading websites. Anti-tracking protection to increase privacy and increase speed

Midori is quick & private

Midori have

Private Searches

Midori Browser has its own search engine called AstianGO, with Astian you have completely private searches, we do not store your searches, the search engine is completely open source, we hide your IP and we do not sell invasive advertising. Try Midori for Android now.

Midori have

Tracker Blocker

Midori for Android has an amazing tracker blocker on the following web and app trackers, we want to protect and keep you safe, Midori is your shield, try Midori now.

Midori have

Amazing Features.

Midori for Android has features that will help you in your day to day, bookmarks, folder organization, favorite sites, save your logins with strong encryption and much more. Try Midori for Android now.