Store the memories in Astian Cloud

with Astian Cloud you can sharing files

File Sharing with Astian Cloud

You have everything you need to share your files with Astian Cloud.

With Astian Cloud you can share your files with great options, files with passwords, links that expire after a while, choose who can see the files you share and much more.


Workspaces is a feature that allows you to separate file types, one space for work, one for family, all from one place

In the workspaces you can have your friends, family and coworkers and separate them, you can manage the workspaces as you prefer.

astian cloud permissions

Advanced permissions and roles management

Are you a company and want to implement your own storage system? With Astian Cloud you can pay or for free and you will have access to these and many other features.

The management of roles and permissions is applicable to us and to companies and individuals who wish to have their own storage system in the cloud, they will have constant technical support.

Corporate clients & premium subscriptions

For corporate users and premium subscriptions we have developed a powerful reporting system on user existence, storage space, devices and many more features.

Companies can implement their own secure storage system without having to depend on third-party services, providing complete control and governance over their information.

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