Get to know Midori_OS

Midori_OS is fast, light, respectful of your privacy, perfect for you and your devices,

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Perfect for Productivity

Don’t complicate things Midori_OS has millions of applications to increase your productivity, office suites, project managers, and millions of other applications available.

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Long live Autonomy

Thanks to the optimizations that have been made, we have provided the ability for Midori_OS to expand the autonomy capacity of your device.

Touch screen

Do you have a device with a touch screen? Midori_OS adapts so you can swipe, scroll and navigate through gestures.

Backup to Astian Cloud

When you are connected to the internet, your information will be synchronized with our cloud service, so you can keep your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos safe, all in one place where you have control.

Midori_OS is really simple

Configuring your device with Midori_OS is very simple, you download our system, place it on a USB and that’s it, you can start enjoying it and take all your information with you.