Astian Cloud

A safe storage alternative that respects the privacy of users.
A cloud that respects your information and your privacy.

A different Cloud Storage

Astian Cloud is an alternative for cloud storage that respects the privacy and security of users, it also has tools that facilitate work, whether business, educational, family or any other field.

Collaborative tools for work, companies & organizations.

Astian Cloud; Collaborative

Astian Cloud offers all users unique tools for collaborative work, Contacts, Calendar, Mail, online file editing and many other tools to facilitate your work. Register and try a cloud that respects your privacy.

Secure, encrypted conferencing, chat & video calls.

Astian Cloud; Communications

Astian Cloud offers users an environment for secure communications, video calls, chats and conferences with end-to-end encryption at all times, protecting your privacy, security, and information using technologie matrix.

Astian Cloud Pricing

Do you want more capacity for your family, small or large company? come in and see our plans.

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