Midori and Opera - A Comparation

Comparative Midori vs Opera

Is Midori a good alternative to Opera?

People are increasingly aware of their privacy and the importance of the risks found on the web, personal data and they search the web for browsers and extensions that can offer them more privacy and protection. Web browsers are very powerful tools and Opera has been on the market for a long time being a great browser, so we thought we would analyze in more detail to see how it compares to Midori functions.

What is Opera Opera Browser?

Opera is a web browser created by the Norwegian company Opera Software, but is currently owned by Golden Brick Capital, a Chinese investment company. Opera is a free browser and offers multiple options to protect user privacy, such as a tracker blocker and advertising, VPN browsing with free plans among others. The browser is based on Chromium and is closed source, has a large community and regular updates.

What platforms does Opera work on?

You can install Opera on the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • FreeBSD

You can try Opera from its official site

How does Opera Browser compare to Midori Browser?

Midori vs Opera

Open Source

The source code is what makes the “magic” it is what makes any application work, be it mobile, desktop web or satellite, there is Open Source and Closed Source.

This is an area where Midori has always been widely recognized, because it allows the user to fully see what is coming in Midori and increases trust among the user community and investors.

Every line of code, every modification can be seen and audited by everyone and thousands of people are constantly viewing the code not only to inspect our transparency but also to report and correct problems.

Users may not experience this with Opera, as much of Opera’s code is closed and can only be viewed and audited by company employees. However, this does not diminish the functionality of the browser.


Since the beginning Opera has always remained at the forefront, innovating and offering users tools to make browsing faster and more secure, however Opera’s privacy policy lacks certain specificity in its explanation of what type of information it collects and as. In certain sections, it says it collects account holder names, IP addresses, and search terms. What seems confusing and worrying is the section on international data transfers; It is not explained when, how often and why they need to transfer your data internationally.

Astian’s privacy policy, we are very transparent and explain everything in detail, we even publish our future plans, who we share the information with and why. We emphasize that at Astian we store our information in the European Union to be covered by the GDPR laws, although our main headquarters are in the United States, in this country we do not store any type of information.


Thanks to the default configuration of Midori, excessive use of PC resources is reduced without compromising the speed of loading sites, which allows users to use all the device’s options without affecting navigation, the Astian team currently is developing a tracker blocker, also open source, this to increase speed considerably, this blocker is called Midori Protect My Privacy.

Although some settings are not immediately evident, Midori is loading functions that help maintain and improve both the energy efficiency of the devices as well as the loading of websites and navigation.

The speed is also notable and evident in Opera, and this browser provides options to improve loading speed and energy efficiency, although being based on Chromium the consumption becomes evident and excessive, however Opera will always be a strong option and although He is not our rival, we hope to become like him because he is a clear example of innovation and transformation.



  • Browsers for multiple purposes.
  • Strong community.
  • Personalization and privacy tools.


  • Confusing privacy.
  • High resource consumption.
  • Closed source



  • Open source.
  • High customization and privacy tools, own search engine without tracking, without censorship & without invasive advertising.
  • High customization


  • At the moment it is only available in English.
  • Updates are done manually.
  • Advanced privacy tools are being developed.


When it comes to web browsers, Midori & Opera work very well for web purposes. Midori takes privacy to a higher level, guaranteeing almost complete transparency and privacy for users. Opera will also offer a great browsing experience but the issue of privacy and the processing of information is confusing.

This means that there is less possibility of user privacy being compromised just as we minimize the trace and digital footprint of our users, added to that a fluid, fast and stable experience with Midori in web browsing without the use excessive computing resources.

Download Midori now and live a private web browsing experience.