Unlock a world of possibilities with our ultra-fast and secure VPN

A virtual private network integrated into Midori but you can also use it on any device.

MidoriVPN is currently in alpha development and will soon be available for this list of countries: United States, Germany, Canada, Germany, China, Finland, France, Netherlands, New Zealand.

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What’s a MidoriVPN?

MidoriVPN is a virtual private network, this helps you keep the connection of your devices secure. With MidoriVPN your location is private and you will no longer have advertising of any kind.

See all the ways MidoriVPN protects you.

How MidoriVPN helps you?

Keeps your data safe

Keep your connection secure no matter if you are at home, at the bank, at the airport, with MidoriVPN you browse with complete privacy and security.

Block all advertising.

The combination of the Midori browser and MidoriVPN will allow you to block 99.9% of all the advertising you can find on the web, protecting your privacy and browsing faster.

All global content available

With MidoriVPN no matter where you are, you will be able to access and watch all types of content, applications, series, websites and live broadcasts, which you expect to join.


Connect up to 15 devices

An extremely fast network, even when gaming

Hide your location, hide your traffic from your provider.

Protect yourself from many threats with a single subscription

Double encryption, double protection, double speed.

All your devices interconnected and secure.

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MidorVPN a completely open source VPN

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How MidoriVPN protects your privacy?