Announcing Midori Browser 10.1.0 Beta for Linux

Midori 10.1.0 Beta: A new version has arrived.

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News and Improvements

For Linux users, more specifically for users of Linux, Ubuntu and Debian distributions, we have created our own PPA in LaunchPad which will allow establishing a repository and updates through sudo apt upgrade.

  • We have eliminated the extension that generated the QR code of the websites that were visited, this for user security reasons, to avoid phishing incidents and fake sites, this also increases the speed and performance in loading websites.
  • To offer a minimalist but fully functional and translational browsing experience, we have eliminated the gesturefy plugin, one less extension that Midori has to load, therefore resource consumption will be lower.
  • A few days ago we announced that the Bing search engine will be our main search engine, from this Beta version we will apply the change.
  • Improvements to themes and theme icons.
  • Fixed a high consumption and performance issue for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

For us it is a great pride to work for our users, thousands of users trusting us because we respect your privacy and the security of your information, we invite you to join and download Midori Browser 10.1.0.

Thanks to nilsonmorales, josejp24 and the entire Midori community in Spanish

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