What is Midori Browser?

Midori Browser is a light, fast and secure web browser, which presents itself as an alternative to other browsers, and we respect the privacy of our users and protect the information by means of a mechanism that makes it difficult to track our users. Midori Browser is fully developed under an open source philosophy.

Light & Fast

Private & Secure


Number of users
Development Hours


Here we tell you about some of the features that make Midori Browser a light, fast, secure and powerful web browser, which is on par with the latest web technologies.

Incredible interface

Midori has a simple, intuitive interface to make everything faster.

Easy to use

Searching, browsing seamlessly, everything in Midori is made to be easy.


A community that is always active, friendly and ready to help all users.

Free Software & Open Source

Midori Browser has always been, always will be open source & free software, always concerned about your privacy and security.

Constant updates

Receive updates frequently to improve your experience.

Support Midori

An Astian community and staff always ready to help you.


Customize Midori to your liking and facilities configure it as you want.


Privacy & security in your browsing we do not sell you advertising, we do not profile & protect your information.In Astian & Midori Browser you are the owner of your information. YOU ARE NOT THE PRODUCT

A different browser, focused on the essentials.

Midori Browser is focused on increasing your productivity, productivity and security while browsing the internet, with Midori you can work, play, complete tasks, make purchases without tracking and also in the future you will have all the functions and services of Astian regardless of your device or system. operational.

Multi Platform

Midori Browser is available on the main operating systems, Android, Linux, MacOS & Windows, we want to give you the best with a different browser that respects your privacy, does not track you and does not sell your information regardless of your operating system or device.

An ecosystem built for you

Midori Browser is a product in constant improvement and we have built an ecosystem that is integrated into Midori in order to increase the productivity, security and functionality of this browser that will always be light, fast, secure.



Tenemos una guía y una ayuda para ti que tienes preguntas sobre Midori Browser explica y únete a la comunidad estamos esperando por ti.

Si, Midori Browser respeta tu privacidad, no te perfila, no te rastrea, no te vende publicidad invasiva en Midori Browser tu no eres el producto.

Si, Midori Browser siempre a sido y siempre será software libre & de código abierto, el código se puede encontrar en nuestro repositorio Gitlab

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Downloads & Community

Midori Browser is available for Android, in the next few days it will be available for Linux, MacOS & Windows, soon also available for iOS.