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Midori a light web browser.

Midori Browser is a light, fast and secure browser, extremely fast when surfing the web. Midori is available for multiple operating systems and you can find it for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android & very soon it will be available on iOS.

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Key Features

Midori Browser is very different from other web browsers, it has an integrated ad blocker, low consumption of ram memory and resources, it is the fastest browser for windows, it integrates a password manager and much more, learn more about our differences.

Incredible interface

Midori has a simple and user-friendly interface. Test it.

Easy to use

Midori is perfect for surfing the web, it’s fun to use.

Connect with the world

Midori allows you to have the world in your hand & the web too.

Total Privacy

At Midori you are in control of your privacy & we respect your privacy.

Frequent Updates

Midori is constantly improving, receiving frequent updates.

Exclusive Support

Midori has multiple support channels, Telegram, Email and many others.


Midori allows you to customize it to your liking, colors, positions, and more.


You can fully interact with Midori because he will adapt to you.


Active Community

One of the strongest points of Midori Browser is its community, many users on Telegram in Spanish and English willing to help users, in addition to this, the Astian Team personally interact with users, thus being a support, help and a more personalized and direct interaction with users.

With Midori you have control

We know how important your data and information are, for this reason using Midori on your devices you are the one in control of all the information we respect and are committed to the total privacy of our users, we do not sell invasive advertising, we do not profile you, we do not We sell your information and the storage of your information is optional but it is done under strict security measures.




Have a little help on the frequently asked questions that many of the users have about Midori Browser

Si, Midori es software libre y código abierto, y esto permite que miles de usuarios puedan auditarlo, supervisarlo mejorarlo, compartir y redistribuir esta aplicación, puedes hacer parte del desarrollo. Enterate mas sobre que es el software libre pulsando click aqui y código abierto aquí. Te invitamos a ver el código fuente de Midori Browser pulsando click aqui.

You have more questions?
Look in our community.


Midori Browser is available for Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS. It will soon be available for iOS. It is also available on Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, F-Droid.

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