Midori 11.1.2 maintenance update

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Thanks to all the users who are attentive to each release we can say that our user base grows and grows considerably, something that fills us with satisfaction and work :-) today we launch a maintenance improvement that undoubtedly affects all users but that we have managed to solve thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish community and all the members.


  • Version 11.1.1 released a few days ago was released and although the version and although the launch was perfect, our computing infrastructure could not resist, what does this affect? Midori is constantly monitoring if there are any updates available. Users of version 11.1.1 will not see this due to the adjustments that were made to the infrastructure.
  • Improvements in the separation tabs.


  • We have updated the customization options by using user.js

Thanks to the entire Midori community in Spanish and English for their help and contributions, to our packers josejp24, Loc-OS, nilsonmorales, testers and special thanks to our first donors Jorge Lius and Rogelio Jose Trujillo, thanks to them we managed to correct these incidents.

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