Announcement: Midori 11.1.1 Sugar is available


A little over 25 days ago, the Midori team was publishing version 11 of Midori, a lightweight, fast browser that promotes user privacy. Version 11 brought with it an important change since the decision was made to abandon the Chromium rendering engine. Going through version 11.1 that brought multilanguage functionality comes version 11.1.1 of Midori.

Midori 11.1.1 inicio de configuracion

What's new in Midori 11.1.1?

First and foremost, the following security and privacy problems have been corrected.

  • Clickjacking Troubleshooting: Some websites had the ability to attract attention to cause unwanted clicks.
  • Memory safety issues which could allow arbitrary code to enter memory, harming the performance and security of the OS.
  • Error in selecting text and/or web elements, this only affected Midori in X11 environments.
  • Out-of-bound memory access issues in WebGL2 blitFramebuffer which allowed On some systems, depending on graphics settings and drivers, it was possible to force an out-of-bounds read and leak memory data in images created in the element of the canvas.


  • Midori 11.1.1 special for Linux brings correction to the icon display.
  • Problems displaying images in WebP form.
  • Improvements in translations for Spanish Mexico, in the next update support for Spanish Mexico & Spanish Spain will be improved
  • Improvements to the AppImage universal installer format.
  • Correction in the data synchronization process.


  • Now Midori imports a new online installer for 32/64 bytes although it has a weight of approximately 700KB the installer requires internet for installation
  • Improvements in the display of images in WebP form
  • Icon improvements.

Thanks to all the people who make the development of Midori reach the different operating systems: Loc-OS, Josejp2424, nilsonmorales among others.

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