Midori Browser will change its engine to Gecko

Amazing: Midori Browser will change its engine to Gecko

There are currently two three engines that govern the web, Blink sponsored by Google, Webkit developed by Apple & Gecko promoted by Mozilla. All with their advantages and disadvantages, But this disproportion and monopolization does not do users any good.

All current browsers use Chromium code as a basis Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Comodo Browser, Microsoft Edge, among others are the browsers that are under the code of Chromium and / or Blink, all with a significant market share that make the web return to the 2000s where everything was dominated by the late Internet Explorer, but this is good for the great spider web? No, of course not.

This and Google’s latest decisions to make adjustments to the engine jeopardize and is an alert for everyone.

Webkit sponsored by Apple dominates part of the market thanks to Apple devices all come with Safari preinstalled, you have the possibility to install others, of course, but thousands of users do not do it for convenience, because Safari is a powerful browser, for X certain reasons.

For these reasons to contribute to the web we have decided to join Mozilla and the Gecko engine to develop Midori with this fastastic engine, Gecko is also used by other browsers, Ghost Browser, among others.

Midori Browser with Gecko

A few months ago before the Midori community a survey was conducted, knowing that Motor users preferred so that Midori was migrated, many chose Gecko for desktop and mobile versions, but the line of mobile development was continued with Webview, Blink’s alternative for mobile devices. Today we announce the definitive change to Gecko, but what about Midori?

Midori for Android using Webview will continue in development but Midori Browser for desktop will be migrated to Gecko, as will a new version of Midori for Android using geckoview, in the future it is expected to merge the version of Midori for Android using Webview into a light version of using Geckoview.

The essence of Midori

The essence of Midori has always been to be a lightweight, powerful and secure browser and although the development for Midori desktop has been determined by technical problems that has been our north and to our commitment we have added privacy, offering tools such as our search engine and many other features.

Midori will still be free, open will still promote privacy and light, secure & private, but now Midori will have steroids, but now reloaded as options like, data synchronization, intelligent and secure password manager, custom bar extensions, and most importantly, integrated with the Astian ecosystem, an ecosystem of applications that we are building step by step.

In the coming days we will be advancing on this news and announcing the news that Midori will have.

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