Use Mozilla Extensions in Midori Browser

Use Mozilla Extensions in Midori Browser

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  • What is an extension?
  • Extensions in Midori.
  • Install an extension in Midori.
  • Manager Extensions.

What is an extensiones

An extension is a small application that is installed in Midori Browser to extend the functionality. Extensions allow you to further customize and enhance the browser, adding a bit to the use of resources and range from social networks, functions to increase productivity, privacy and many other tools.

Extensions in Midori

Midori Browser’s goal is to provide users with the most features using the fewest resources possible while respecting users’ privacy, but we know that users need to extend functionality to improve.

Since the lightweight web browser Midori Browser is based on Gecko/Firefox, the extensions available in Mozilla Addons can also be installed on Midori. All extensions are available and compatible with Midori Browser, your favorite extensions can now be found in the lightweight web browser no matter what operating system you use.

In the event that an extension does not work as you expect, we appreciate that you communicate in our forum to see if the problem can be solved or if any member of the community can suggest an alternative. You can also contact the developers of the extension.

Install an extension in Midori

  1. Browse Mozilla Addons from Midori
  2. Select the extensions section
  3. Find the extension you want to install
  4. Click the Add to Firefox button to install the extension in Midori

Manager Extensions

The extensions page provides all the general information about the installed extensions and the possibility to disable them, remove them, contact the developer and other options specific to the extensions.

Access the extensions page

To open the Extensions page, go to Menu Midori Midori menu or  Midori extensions.

At the bottom of the bar on the left is a tab called extensions & themes.

Midori Extensions ManagerBeing in this option you can access all the administration of themes and extensions and more options.

Midori extensions Manager

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